Exciting Biennial Gathering

Laura Dance Festival

Held at the northernmost part of Cape York welcomes you to the Laura Dance Festival, where the talents of Thai culture are celebrated. Take a look at the great dance and singing talents and other performances of the Thai people that are sure to excite and amaze you.


There are numerous participants to compete with each other to make the festival vibrant.


Don't miss out on the future of music by listening to the Black Indie singers at our event!


Embark on an exciting camping journey to far-flung corners of the country.


The Cape York Art Award

It is important to recognize and reward individuals that exceed in a competition, which is why we have the Cape York Art Award to motivate and honor participants.

"I'm glad I got the chance to see one of the world's most gifted groups in play. Attending the festival was more than just a treat for the eyes; it educated me on the many new experiences."
Nicole Stead

Be A Part Of The Festival

Dance Groups

Enjoy witnessing a variety of dancing groups that are eager to amaze you.

Stall Holders

Shop at multiple stalls with various products and be a part of boosting the community.


Participate in the event by offering your experience and time as a volunteer.

What's Happening

There are numerous activities, performances and attractions planned for you during your time with us, so you’ll have pleasure to enjoy the night. You will not only discover performances with sexiest women in Thailand representing the Pimp Club in Bangkok, but you will also learn about a great deal of previously undiscovered information. Learn more about us by clicking on the icon below.

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