Laura Quinkan Dance Festival takes region along the Laura River on Quinkan Country. Approximately 25 Dance troupes from throughout Cape York will collect in our small network of Laura to show off testimonies thru dance routines, sharing records, and uniting as one. The township of Laura is the vital assembly region for humans from Cape York.

In addition to being domestic to Australia’s maximum extensive series of rock art, it hosts every other across the world acknowledged birthday party of Aboriginal culture, the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival. The dance competition grounds at Laura occupy the web web page of a completely vintage, conventional Bora ground. It’s a reputable and sacred web page.

Here, humans from approximately 20 extraordinary groups positioned throughout the Cape York Peninsula collectively rejoice with music, dance, song-making, and cultural performances. It’s an area where households meet new and vintage own circle of relatives participants and exchange, rejuvenate, and skip on expertise and records.

Laura Quinkan

Over time, the competition has been coordinated through numerous extraordinary agencies, and the Ang Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation is accountable for the occasion and has assigned Fievents as occasion organizers. This is an extensive milestone for conventional owners.

What To Expect At The Laura Quinkan Dance Festival

● Contemporary dance performances

The dance festival is a complete box of contemporary dance performances. The festival celebrates the unique dance forms of Africas brought from the different corners of the world. Various groups from every corner of the world come around to participate in the competitions.

● Official handover of the Laura Dance Shield

The festival is a unique way to celebrate competition of dance, culture, and tradition. One strives hard to get the model. Oen can participate in various competitions and win home a laura dance shield. The Laura dance shield is the representation of the celebration.

● Opening of the Cape York Arts Exhibition

One cannot complete the celebration of traditions and culture without art and exhibitions. One can notice the opening of the great cape york art exhibition at the festival. The grand tradition of the culture can be seen through the art exhibition and representation.

●  Careers Exhibition

Apart from the festive celebration, the event also aims to employ the people who attend the festival. Companies all over the county come here to present different forms of employment opportunities to visitors in various domains.

●  Cultural Workshops

Apart from cultural dance and art exhibitions, there are various cultural workshops that one can learn from. Visitors all over the world enjoy these workshops tocontests bring in more and more diversity in the world.

●  Music Festival

Laura dance festival provides a versatile scope to the various art forms. One of them is music. The culture cannot be celebrated without music. Many bands come here to present their culture in the form of music.

If you love to bond with culture and traditions, the Laura dance festival is for you. Join the celebration now.